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Cacti and Succulents

Diseases of Cacti and Succulents

The diseases are biotic and abiotic origin. The diseases of biotic origin are more important than abiotic diseases.  Biotic diseases are caused by pathogenic microbes. The
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Pests of Cacti and Succulents - III

Mites  Mites are closely related to spiders. They are very small, observed only with a magnifying lens or microscope. They have two to four sets of...
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Pests of Cacti and Succulents - II

Staphylinidae (Colioptera) Rove beetles Aleocharinae Aleochara (Maseochara) depressa Decaying saguaro, cacti and dead sotol     Aleochara (Maseochara) valida Decaying cacti; under decomposing Opuntia stems     Diestota rufipennis Rotting saguaro cactus.   Paederinae Deroderus tubacinus Moist...
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Pests of Cacti and Succulents - I

There are several insects that can potentially damage many cacti and succulents. Most do not require chemical treatment for adequate control. A healthy, non-stressed plant...
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There should be ample supply of fresh air. The cacti should be placed at a proper distance from each other. During summer ventilators may be...
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Nutrient requirements and soil

The growth of cacti and succulents depends upon various available nutrients. Just like to other agricultural crops they also need nutrients particularly nitrogen, phosphorus and...
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The water losses depend on the stomatal opening or closure and ambient water content which is threefold during day hours. According to thermodynamic theory, as...
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Temperature plays a key role in every process in plants, from photosynthesis and respiration to growth and survival and hence in cacti and succulents (Nobel,...
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Care of cacti and succulents

Light Various types of cacti and succulents require varying degree of light depending upon their habitat. Most of them can tolerate full sun light during the...
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Characteristics of cacti and succulents

If we go through the development of xerophytes since Eocenic age, xerophytes were evolved in adverse climatic conditions like shortage of rainfalls, arid conditions and...
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