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Terminology in Botany - T

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Testa: Seed coat

Tetraploid: A polyploid with four sets of chromosomes; compare diploid thorn. Pointed branch; compare spine

Translucent: Nearly transparent but not clearly so

Transverse: Across; running at right angles to the major axis

Trichome: Hairlike outgrowth of the epidermis; may be one-celled, multicellular, or glandular

Triploid: A polyploid with three sets of chromosomes; compare diploid

Tuber: Fleshy underground portion of a stem

Tuberous: Like a tuber, sometimes used to describe fleshy roots

Tubercle: A conical or cylindrical outgrowth or protuberance from the stem, usually bearing all or part of the areole; podarium

Tuberculate: With tubercles

Tubular: Hollow and cylindrical; shaped like a tube type. A specimen with which a scientific name is always to be associated or, for a genus, the species upon which the genus is based; see also lectotype, neotype.
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