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Terminology in Botany - R

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Radial spine: One of the outermost spines of an areole, often radiating or appressed; compare central spine

Receptacle: Terminal portion of the flower stalk, from which arise the sterile and fertile flower parts

Recurved: Curved downward or backward

Reflexed: Bent or turned downward; compare deflexed

Rhizomatous: Like a rhizome

Rhizome: Underground stem, often somewhat thick and fleshy

Rhomboid: Shaped like a rhombus, a parallelogram with no right angles and adjacent sides of unequal length

Rib: Usually a vertically arranged ridge on the stem, consisting of fused tubercles

Rotate: Spreading, wheel shaped, saucer shaped

Rudimentary: Not fully developed; a vestigial structure.
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