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Ingredients: Leeks Procedure Remove the coarse part of the green stalks of the leeks. If the leeks are gritty cut them right through and wash them well, and
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Celery (Stewed) with White Sauce

Ingredients: Celery heads 2 or 3 Butter 50 gm Flour 1 dessertspoonful Milk 250 ml Pepper and salt As per taste Procedure Remove the outer hard pieces from the celery, saving them for flavouring soups or sauces;...
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Celery (Steamed) with White Cheese Sauce

Ingredients: Celery heads,   Pepper and salt   Butter   Corn flour   Grated cheese and seasoning For sauce:   Milk 500 ml Butter 25 gm Corn flour 1 dessertspoonful Grated cheese 40 gm Pepper and salt As per taste Procedure Cut up the celery...
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Celery – Italian

Ingredients: Celery heads 2 Milk 15 ml Butter 25 gm Egg 1 Breadcrumbs 1 cupful Pepper and salt As per taste Procedure Cut up the celery into pieces, boil it in water for 10 minutes; drain it and put...
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Cauliflower with White Sauce

Ingredients: Cauliflower Procedure Trim the cauliflower, cutting away only the bad and bruised leaves and the coarse part of the stalk. Put it into salt water to...
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Carrots with Parsley Sauce

Ingredients: Carrots Required Onion and white sauce   Parsley – finely chopped A handful Procedure Scrub and wash as many carrots as are required. Cook them in a little water or steam them...
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Ingredients: Cabbage Salt Butter 25 gm Pepper Fine wheatmeal Milk Procedure Remove the outer coarse leaves, cut the cabbage in four pieces lengthways, and well wash the pieces in salt water. The salt...
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Asparagus – Boiled

Ingredients: Asparagus stalks Salt Butter melted Procedure Scrape the white parts of the stalks quite clean, and put them into cold water as they are done. Tie them up into...
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Artichokes A La Sauce Blanche

Ingredients: Artichokes 1 kg Fine wheatmeal 25 gm Milk 350 ml Egg 1 Lemon juice ½ lemon Pepper and salt As per taste Procedure Peel the artichokes, and boil them in water until tender; cut them into slices half...
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Artichokes A La Parmesan

Ingredients: Artichokes 500 gm Milk 350 ml Fine wheatmeal 1 tablespoonful Egg 1 Lemon juice ½ lemon Grated Parmesan or any other cooking cheese 50 gm Procedure Cut the artichokes into pieces 3 inches long. Stew it in the milk...
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Treacle Tart

Ingredients: Golden syrup 500 ml Breadcrumbs 1 breakfastcupful Lemon grated rind and juice 1 Paste Some Procedure To 500 ml of golden syrup add 1 breakfastcupful of breadcrumbs, the grated rind and juice of 1...
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Marlborough Pie

Ingredients: Apples – good sized 6 Butter 25 gm Eggs 3 Lemon - juice and rind 1 Milk 1 teacupful Sugar As per taste Paste for crust Some Procedure Steam or bake the apples till tender and press them through a...
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Lemon Tart

Ingredients: Lemon 1 Water 1 breakfastcupful Corn flour 1 dessertspoonful Eggs 2 Butter 25 gm Sugar As per taste Fine wheatmeal 100 gm Butter 40 gm Procedure Moisten the corn flour with a little of the water; bring the rest of the water...
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Lemon Cream for Cheesecakes

Ingredients: Powdered sugar 500 gm Eggs yolks 6 Eggs whites 4 Lemons juice 8 lemons Lemons grated rind 2 lemons Fresh butter 125 ml Procedure Put the ingredients into a double boiler and stir over a slow fire until...
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Chocolate Tarts

Ingredients: Fine wheatmeal 150 gm Butter 50 gm Chocolate (grated) 50 gm Sugar 1 dessertspoonful Ground rice 15 gm Eggs - well beaten 4 Milk 500 ml Procedure Mix the milk with the ground rice, add to it the chocolate smoothly...
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Cheesecakes – Almond

Ingredients: Sweet ground almonds 75 gm Bitter ground almonds 15 gm Castor sugar 75 gm Egg 1 Orange-water 1 dessertspoonful Procedure Pound the almonds well together with the orange-water, and the sugar, beat the egg and mix...
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Blancmange Tartlets

Ingredients: Milk 250 ml Ground rice 75 gm Sugar 1 teaspoonful Almond essence A few drops Any kind of jam preferred A spoonful Procedure Make a blancmange, of the milk, ground rice, and flavouring; grease some patty...
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White Sauce – Savoury

Ingredients: Milk 350 ml Fine wheat meal 1 good dessertspoonful Butter a small piece (size of a nut) Pepper and salt As per taste. Procedure Bring part of the milk to the boil, mix the...
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White Sauce – 2

Ingredients: Milk 250 ml Corn flour or potato flour a dessertspoonful Vanilla essence A little Sugar 1 teaspoonful Procedure Boil the milk, thicken it with the corn flour previously smoothed with a little water, add...
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White Sauce – 1

Ingredients: Milk 350 ml Fine wheat meal 1 dessertspoonful Sugar As per taste Procedure Boil 250 ml of the milk with sugar, mix the meal smooth in the rest of the milk, add...
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