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Blancmange – 2

Ingredients: Wheat meal 1 even dessertspoonful Corn flour, 50 gm Milk 125 gm Sugar and vanilla As per taste Procedure Smooth the meal and corn flour with a little of the milk, bring the
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Beetroot Fritters

Ingredients: Small beet 1 Egg 1 Meal 2 tablespoonfuls Milk 100 ml Pepper and salt As per taste Lemon juice A little Procedure Cut the beetroot into small dice, make a batter with the milk, meal, and egg, mix...
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Banana Pudding

Ingredients: Bananas 3 Milk 100 ml Egg 1 Lemon juice a teaspoonful Procedure Peel and slice the bananas, and cook in the milk until they will mash up well. Rub them through a sieve, add...
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Baked Custard – 1

Ingredients: Hot milk 250 ml Egg 1 Sugar and flavouring A little Procedure Beat the egg, mix it with the milk, sweeten and flavour to taste; pour the custard into a small...
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Baked Apples and White Sauce

Ingredients: Apple good sized 1 Stoned dates 1 or 2 Procedure Wash and core a good-sized apple, fill the core with 1 or 2 stoned dates, and bake it in...
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Asparagus Soup

Ingredients: Asparagus sticks 6 Water 250 ml Milk 125 ml Corn flour 1 level dessertspoonful Butter 5 gm Pepper and salt As per taste Procedure Boil the asparagus in the water till tender, add the seasoning, and the...
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Artichoke Soup – 1

Ingredients: Artichokes 125 gm Potatoes 125 gm Milk and water (equal parts) 125 ml Butter 5 gm Pepper and salt As per taste Procedure Peel, wash, and cut up small the vegetables, and cook them in the...
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Apple Soup

Ingredients: Apple - large cooking 1 Onion small finely chopped 1 Seasoning and sugar As per taste Butter A little Corn flour 1 teaspoonful Water 250 ml Procedure Peel and cut up the apple, and cook with the onion...
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Apple Pudding – 1

Ingredients Apples 250 gm Cinnamon 1 saltspoonful Sugar to taste As per taste Paste as for a short crust Some Procedure Peel, core, and out up the apples. Line a pudding basin with paste, fill...
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Apple Pie

Ingredients: Apples – medium sized cooking 2 Sugar and cinnamon or lemon peel As per taste Paste for short crust Some Procedure Pare, core, and cut up the apples, and fill a...
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Apple and Onion Pie

Ingredients: Apples 150 gm Onions 5 gm Egg – hard boiled 1 Butter A little Pepper and salt As per taste Paste for a short crust Some Procedure Peel and cut up the apples and onion, stew gently with...
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Stewed Fruit

Ingredients: Sliced fruits (apples/pears/peaches) 2 cups Lemon juice 1 table spoonful Procedure Peel the fruit and keep aside. Heat ¾ cup of water and the lemon juice in a non-stick pan. Add...
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Vegetable Stock

Ingredients: olive oil 1 tablespoon Onion - large 1 Celery stalks (including some leaves) 2 Carrots - large 2 Breen onions, chopped 1 bunch Garlic cloves, minced 8 Ffresh parsley 8 springs Fresh thyme 6 springs Bay leaves 2 Salt 1 teaspoon Water 2...
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Turnips – Mashed

Ingredients: Turnips   Butter 25 gm Procedure Peel and wash the turnips, and steam them until tender. Mash them up in a saucepan over the fire, mixing with them 25 gm...
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Ingredients: Spinach 2 kg Butter 25 gm Fine wheatmeal A spoonful Pepper and salt As per taste Eggs – hard boiled, cut in slices 1 or 2 Mmeal An even tablespoonful Lemon juice ½ lemon Procedure Wash the spinach thoroughly, and...
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Scotch or Curly Kail

Ingredients: Scotch kail As required Onion - chopped up 1 Butter A piece Fine wheatmeal 1 tablespoonful Pepper and salt As per taste Procedure Scotch kail is best after there has been frost on it. Wash...
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Onions – Braised

Ingredients: Onions 1 kg Butter, vegetable butter, or oil 50 gm Pepper and salt to taste As per taste Procedure Peel and slice the onions, and fry them a nice brown in the...
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Onions – Baked

Ingredients: Onions - large As required Butter 15 gm (for each onion) Pepper and salt As per taste Procedure Peel as many onions as are required, making an incision crossways on the top,...
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Onion Tortilla

Ingredients: Onions 500 gm Butter or oil 40 gm Eggs 3 Procedure Melt the butter in a frying-pan, slice the onions, and fry them for 10 or 15 minutes, beat the eggs, add...
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Mushrooms – Stewed

Ingredients: Mushrooms 500 gm Butter 25 gm Water 250 ml Herbs ½ teaspoonful Nutmeg ½ saltspoonful Pepper and salt to taste, Lemon juice ½ lemon Egg yolk 1 Corn flour 1 dessertspoonful Procedure Peel and clean the mushrooms, and wash them in water with...
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