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Wheat and Sago Pudding

Ingredients: Sago 1 dessertspoonful Wheatmeal 50 gm Milk 250 ml Sugar and flavouring As per taste Procedure Boil the sago and wheatmeal in the milk until the sago is well swelled out. Flavour to taste,
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Vermicelli Ressoles

Ingredients: Vermicelli 50 gm Grated cheese 25 gm Egg - well beaten 1 Breadcrumbs A few Seasoning As per taste Water 100 ml Butter or vegetable butter A little Procedure Boil the vermicelli in the water until tender and all the...
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Vegetable Pie – 4

Ingredients: Potato 50 gm Carrot 50 gm Turnip 50 gm Celery 50 gm Tomato 50 gm Onion 1 Butter 15 gm Pepper and salt As per taste Sago 1 teaspoonful Procedure Chop fine the onion and fry it. Boil all the vegetables, previously washed and...
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Vegetable Pie – 3

Ingredients: Potatoes - peeled and cut in pieces 250 gm Onion - chopped up ½ Tomato 1 Butter 15 gm Pepper and salt As per taste Paste for crust Some Procedure Stew the potatoes and onion in a little...
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Turnip Soup

Ingredients: Turnip 125 gm Onion A small Potato 50 gm Butter and seasoning A little Water 250 ml Procedure Wash, peel, and cut up the vegetables, and cook them in the water until tender. Rub them through...
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Ingredients: Cakes 2 sponge Custard 100 ml Jam a little Ratafias a few Chopped almond 15 gm Procedure Cut the sponge cakes in half, spread them with jam, arranging them in a little pie-dish, sprinkling crumbled ratafias...
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Tomato Soup – 3

Ingredients: Tomatoes 1 teacupful – tinned or 150 gm fresh Corn flour 1 teaspoonful Small onion 1 Pepper and salt As per taste Butter A Little Procedure Chop the onion up fine, and cook the tomatoes and...
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Tapioca Pudding – 2

Ingredients: Small tapioca 25 gm Milk 15 gm Sugar As per taste Procedure Put the tapioca into a small pie-dish, let it soak in a very little water for half an hour, pour...
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Sweet Corn Tart

Ingredients: Tinned sweet corn 2 tablespoonfuls Butter 5 gm Pepper and salt As per taste Egg 1 Paste for crust Some Procedure Beat up the egg and mix with the sweet corn, season to taste. Roll out...
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Sweet Corn and Tomatoes

Ingredients: Sweet corn 1 teacupful Tinned tomatoes ½ teacupful Butter 15 gm Seasoning As per taste Procedure Stew together, and serve with baked potatoes....
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Sweet Batter

Ingredients: Wholemeal flour, milk, 1 or 2 eggs together, and a little sugar and cinnamon; ripe cherries, gooseberries, currants, raspberries, plums, damsons, or other ripe...
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Substantial Bread Puddings

Ingredients: Crusts or slices of bread, soaked currants, raisins, chopped nuts or almonds, egg, and milk, sugar and spice. Procedure Soak crusts or slices of bread in...
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Stewed Prunes and Grated Coconut

Ingredients: Plums, some fresh cocoanut. Procedure Stew some plums in enough water to cover them well. If possible, they should be soaked over night. Grate some fresh...
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Stewed Fruit Pudding

Ingredients: Wholemeal bread, stewed fruit of any kind Procedure Cut Wholemeal bread into slices a little over a ¼ of an inch thick, line a pie-dish with...
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Stewed Fruit and Custard

Ingredients: Any kind of stewed fruit   Custard   Milk 100 ml Sugar and vanilla As per taste Egg 1 Procedure Heat the milk, beat up the egg, and stir the milk into it gradually; pour the...
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Steamed Pudding

Ingredients: Wheatmeal 50 gm Sago 25 gm Egg 1 Oiled butter 15 gm Sultanas 25 gm Cinnamon ½ saltspoonful Sugar As per taste Procedure Soak the sago over the fire in a little water; when almost tender drain off any water...
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Split Pea Soup

Ingredients: Split peas cooked overnight 50 gm Potatoes cut into pieces 75 gm Celery A piece Onion chopped up A slice Seasoning As per taste Procedure Soak the peas in water overnight, after picking them over and...
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Sorrel Soup – 3

Ingredients: Potato 1 Onion - small 1 Sorrel - washed and chopped fine 1 good handful Butter A little Pepper and salt As per taste Water 250 ml Milk 100 ml Procedure Peel, wash, and cut up the potatoes...
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Semolina Soup

Ingredients: Milk 50 ml Water 100 ml Semolina 15 gm Mace A very small piece Butter 5 gm Grated cheese 15 gm Pepper and salt As per taste Procedure Bring the milk and water to the boil with the mace, thicken...
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Semolina Pudding – 2

Ingredients: Semolina 25 gm Milk 350 ml Sugar and vanilla As per taste Procedure Boil the semolina in the milk until well thickened, add sugar and flavouring, pour the mixture into a little...
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