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Chatpate Baingan

Ingredients: Round brinjal - large 1 Cumin seeds 1 teaspoonful Coriander powder 1 teaspoonful Red chilli powder 1 teaspoonful Garam masala ½ teaspoonful Amchur powder 1 teaspoonful Turmeric powder ¼ teaspoonful Black rock salt ⅛ teaspoonful Chaat masala 1 teaspoonful Oil 2 tablespoonful Procedure Cut the
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Neer Dosa

Ingredients: Regular rice 1 cup Water 1.5 to 2 cups or add as required Salt as required Oil for making dosas Little Procedure:Soak 1 cup rice in enough water for 4 to...
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Quick Oats Dosa

Ingredients: Quick cooking oats ½ cup Rice flour ¼ cup Rava/sooji/cream of wheat/semolina ¼ cup Fresh dahi/curd/yogurt ½ cup Onion - finely chopped ¼ cup or 1 small Ginger - finely chopped 1 teaspoonful Green...
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Quick Oats Porridge

Ingredients: Quick cooking oats or rolled oats ½ cup Water 2 cups Milk ½ to 1 cup Sugar (optional) 2 tablespoonful or add as per taste Procedure: Take the oats in a pan; add 2...
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Oats Idli

Ingredients: Oats, quick cooking oats or rolled oats 1 cup Fine sooji/rava/cream of wheat ½ cup Fresh or sour curd ½ cup Water 1 cup or add as required Baking soda ½ teaspoonful Carrot -...
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Vegetable Poha Upma

Ingredients: Thick poha (flattened and parched rice) 2 cups Turmeric powder/haldi ½ teaspoonful Sugar ½ teaspoonful or as per taste salt As per taste Vegetables:   Medium potato 1 Carrot - small to medium ⅓ cup Green peas -...
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Alloo (potato) Poori Masala Recipe

Ingredients: Potatoes 400 grams or 2 large or 2 cups tightly packed crumbled boiled Onions 150 grams or 1 large or 1 cup tightly packed thinly sliced Tomatoes (optional) 40...
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Sugar Cane Kheer

Ingredients: Sugarcane juice 1 litre Rice ½ cup Cardamom powder As per tatse Dry Fruits (almonds, resins, cashew nuts etc.) ½ cup Procedure Boil sugarcane juice in a pan. When it becomes to boil, add...
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Rasgulla Kheer

Ingredients: Small rasgulla 10 - 12 Milk 1 litre Almonds 1 tablespoonful Pistachio 1 tablespoonful Chironji (optional) 1 tablespoonful Green cardamom seeds ½ tablespoonful Raisins (soaked in water) Large pinch Procedure Squeeze rasgullas gently to remove all syrup. Boil milk in...
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Pie Crust – 7

Ingredients: Fine wheatmeal 500 gm Cold milk 100 gm Vegetable butter 125 gm Procedure Rub the butter well into the meal, moisten with the milk (taking a little more than 100 ml if...
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Pie Crust – 6

Ingredients: Fine wheatmeal 250 gm Sago 75 gm Butter 25 gm Procedure Let the sago swell out over the fire with milk and water, mix it with the meal and butter, and roll...
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Pie Crust – 5 (Puff Crust)

Ingredients: Fine wheatmeal 500 gm Butter 500 gm Cold water A little Procedure Rub 250 gm of butter into the meal, add enough cold water to make a stiff paste, roll it out,...
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Pie Crust – 4

Ingredients: Fine wheatmeal 250 gm Fine breadcrumbs 250 gm Eggs 2 Butter 50 gm Cold milk A little Procedure Rub the butter into the meal, beat the eggs well, mix them with the breadcrumbs, moisten the paste...
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Pie Crust – 3

Ingredients: Fine wheatmeal 250 gm Eggs 4 Butter 50 gm Milk Some Procedure Rub the butter into the meal, beat the eggs well, mix them with the meal, adding enough cold milk to make a...
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Pie Crust – 2

Ingredients: Fine wheatmeal 250 gm Mashed potatoes 250 gm Bbutter 75 gm Oil 1 tablespoonful Cold milk A little i.e. about 1 cupful Procedure Mix the meal and mashed potatoes, rub in the butter and the oil,...
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Pie Crust – 1

Ingredients: Fine wheatmeal 500 gm Butter 150 gm Cold water A little Procedure Rub the butter into the meal, add enough water to the paste to keep it together, mixing it with a...
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Wholemeal Soup

Ingredients: Any kind of greens or vegetables - finely chopped, pepper and salt to taste. Procedure Chop fine any kinds of greens or vegetables, stew in a...
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Wholemeal Batter

Ingredients: Wholemeal 50 gm Milk 100 ml Egg 1 Seasoning As per taste Procedrue Make a batter of the ingredients, butter a flat tin or a small pie-dish, turn the batter into it, and bake...
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Wheatmeal Pudding

Ingredients: Fine wheatmeal 50 gm Egg 1 Milk 50 ml Sultanas washed and picked 1 tablespoonful Oiled butter 15 gm Grated lemon peel A little Sugar As per taste Procedure Beat up the egg and mix well all ingredients; butter a...
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Wheatmeal Batter

Ingredients: Meal 50 gm Desiccated cocoanut 25 gm Milk 1 gill Egg 1 Sugar As per taste Oiled butter 5 gm Procedure Make a batter of the egg, milk, and meal, add the other ingredients, and bake the batter...
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