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Medical Quotes on Hospital

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A hospital is an institution absolutely essential to a medical school, and one which would afford relief and comfort to thousands of the sick and miserable. - John Collins Warren

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Ø  A corporate sector in health care is also likely to aggravate inequalities in access to health care. Profit-making enterprises are not interested in treating those who cannot pay. The voluntary hospital may not treat the poor the same as the rich, but they do treat them and often treat them well. - Paul Starr

Ø  A hospital is an institution absolutely essential to a medical school, and one which would afford relief and comfort to thousands of the sick and miserable. - John Collins Warren

Ø  A man is a fool who holds two hospital appointments. - Sydney Ringer

Ø  After all we are merely the servants of the public, in spite of our M.D.’s and our hospital appointments. - Sir Henry Howarth Bashford (‘Peter Harding’)

Ø  After two days in hospital I took a turn for the nurse. - W. C. Fields

Ø  And lo, The Hospital, grey, quiet, old, Where Life and Death like friendly chafferers meet. - William Ernest Henley

Ø  Big stools, small hospitals, Small stools, big hospitals. - Dennis Burkitt

Ø  But to extend hospitals any further is to encourage pauperism, idleness, and the breakup of the family. Hospitals tend to weaken the family tie by separating the sick from their homes and their relatives, who are often too ready to relieve themselves of the burden of the sick. - W. Gill Wylie

Ø  Diets were invented of the church, the workhouse and the hospital. They were started for the punishment of the spirit and have ended in the punishment of the body. - Martin H. Fischer

Ø  For the world, I count it not an inn, but an hospital, and a place, not to live, but to die in. - Sir Thomas Browne

Ø  Hermann Boerhaave lectured five hours a day; his hospital contained only twelve beds, but by Sydenham’s method he made of it the medical centre of Europe. - Sir Andrew MacPhail

Ø  Hospitality and medicine must be confined to three days. - Indian (Tamil) proverb

Ø  Hospitals are always touted as designed for our superior care, but they actually exist for the convenience of doctors. - Wayne Hill

Ø  Hospitals are the temples of medicine. What may not always be possible in private practice must be possible in a hospital. - Henry E. Sigerist

Ø  I consider the hospital to be a vestibule for scientific medicine; it is the first field of observation to which a physician is exposed. However, the laboratory is the temple of science. - Claude Bernard

Ø  If a patient is poor he is committed to a public hospital as ‘psychotic’; if he can afford the luxury of a private sanitarium, he is put there with the diagnosis of ‘neuroasthenia’; if he is wealthy enough to be isolated in his own home under constant watch of nurses and physicians he is simply an indisposed ‘eccentric’. - Pierre Marie Janet

Ø  It may seem a strange principle to enunciate as the very first requirement in a Hospital that it should do the sick no harm. - Florence Nightingale

Ø  My life now is as unlike my Hospital life when I was concerned with the souls and bodies of men as reading a cookery book is unlike a good dinner. - Florence Nightingale

Ø  Old age is a hospital that takes in all diseases. - German proverb

Ø  Our hospital organization has grown up with no plan, with no system. I would rather be kept alive in the efficient if cold altruism of a large hospital than expire in a gush of warm sympathy in a small one. - Aneurin Bevan

Ø  Private patients, if they do not like me, can go elsewhere; but the poor devils in the hospital I am bound to take care of. - John Abernethy

Ø  Professional autonomy has been protected by the institutional autonomy of hospitals. In the multihospital systems, centralized planning, budgeting, and personnel decisions will deprive physicians of much of the influence they are accustomed to exercise over institutional policy. - Paul Starr

Ø  Since the antiseptic treatment has been brought into full operation my wards, have completely changed their character; so that during the last nine months not a single instance of pyaemia, hospital gangrene or erysipelas has occurred in them. - Lord Lister

Ø  So it was all modern and scientific and well arranged. You could die very nearly as privately in a modern hospital as you could in the Grand Central Station, and with much better care. - Stephen Vincent Benet

Ø  Surgeons have little knowledge of bacteriology and continue to use rituals without scientific evidence. Bacteriologists are out of touch with clinical reality and propose investigative and prophylactic procedures which create havoc in the running of the hospital. - David Tweedle

Ø  Talk of the patience of Job, said a Hospital nurse, Job was never on night duty. - Stephen Paget

Ø  The basic contract of health care has changed from a private matter between doctors and patients to a more public one between health care providers – epitomized by hospitals – and patients. - R. J. Lilford

Ø  The hospital is the only proper College in which to rear a true disciple of Aesculapius. - John Abernethy

Ø  The indigent sick of this city and its environs, without regard to sex, age or colour, who may require surgical or medical treatment, and who can be received into the Hospital without peril to the other inmates, and the poor of this city and State. - Johns Hopkins

Ø  The purpose of a teaching hospital is to, advance knowledge, to train doctors, and to set an example of practice. - Nathaniel Faxon

Ø  The sooner patients can be removed from the depressing influence of general hospital life the more rapid their convalescence. - Charles H. Mayo

Ø  The trained nurse has given nursing the human, or shall we say, the divine touch, and made the hospital desirable for patients with serious ailments regardless of their home advantages. - Charles H. Mayo

Ø  There is a danger that trust hospitals may be overwhelmed with inspections and directives such that there is little time left to look after patients. - Sir Peter Morris


Ø  Were I to place a man of proper talents, in the most direct road for becoming truly great in his profession, I would choose a good practical Anatomist and put him into a large hospital to attend the sick and dissect the dead. - William Hunter

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