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Safe Animal Restraining

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* Be aware of the special stressors for animals in the clinic setting.

- The clinic is extremely chaotic for any animal-there are an incredible number of smells and other stimuli and animals are likely to be confused and distressed.

- Many of our patients have lived entirely outdoors and have not been handled or examined before. They may not have any experience on a leash and may panic in response.

- Even the most social animal may exhibit aggression toward other animals, particularly in a strange environment and may redirect to nearby people when over-stimulated.

* Never put your face directly into the face of a dog or cat.

* Do not move in behind or crowd around a dog.

* Concentrate on the animal you are handling without being distracted by other activities.

* NEVER sit on the floor while handling/examining a dog. If the animal becomes aggressive or aroused you will be unable to move away or protect yourself and risk serious facial bites.

* Always be prepared to protect yourself or move away quickly in the event an animal becomes aggressive unexpectedly.

Safe and effective animal handling requires a thorough understanding of the normal behavior and responses of each species. Below is some general information on animal behavior and handling techniques. There is no substitute, however, for careful observation and experience.

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