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Restraints that Divert Attention

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Tail Restraint

The tail restraint may be applied by an assistant whenever it is necessary to distract a cow's attention from another part of her body on which work is being done. It may be used when giving udder injections to a nervous cow. The assistant should keep both hands close to the base of the tail or he may break it. He should stand to one side of the cow to avoid bring kicked.

Nose lead

Using a nose lead is one of the best ways to restraint a cow. It is possible to give intravenous injection, to examine a hoof, or to do udder surgery with only this restraint. When working on the udder it is safest to work from the side of the cow opposite to the injury. Nearly all of the kicking is done on side of the injury.

Restraint of the Head

If a cattle leader is not available restraint of the same kind may be applied manually. The restraint grasps the nasal septum with the thumb and forefinger of one hand and holds or firmly. With the other hands he holds the horn or ear. As more restraint is needed, he increases the pressure of his grip on the nose. This is by no means as effective a restraint as nose lead, and it is much more difficult for the assistant but it can be used in an emergency.

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