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Xingjiang Yak

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Country: China

Home tract: Aljin Mountains, Kunlun Mountains and Pamirs in the south foot of Tianshan; alpine area at the altitude of 2400-4000 meteres, and few in Hami region of East Tianshan

Morphological Characters

Body coat: Long hairs cover the whole body, with hairs under belly skirt shaped and tail hairs broom shaped. They are mainly black, brown, gray in colour. Black and white are in the next place. Those in Hami area are mostly pure black, and then gray or Black and white in colour.

Head: Rugged

Forehead: Short, broad

Chest: Deep

Quarters: Short, thick. Aerial withers

Morphometric characters

Body weight: Adult male: 288.2 Kg, Adult female: 210.6 kg

Height at withers: Adult male: 122.8 cm, Adult female: 112.7 cm

Reproductive traits

Breeding age: 2.5-3.0 years

The reproductive rate varies in different regions, and be about 37-97%.

Production traits

Daily milk yield: 2.6 kg

Milk yield per lactation: kg

Dressing percentage: 47-59%

Fleece weight: 1.3 kg with an average under wool yield of 0.4 kg


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