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Tibet High Mountainous Yak

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Country: China

Home tract: The northwest of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in Tibet and the the Three River valley in the south of Tibet.

Morphological Characters

Body: There are two types of mountain and grassland classified by body conformation and appearance, with horn shapes of “holding head” and spreading outwards and upwards respectively.

Body coat: Mainly black and spotted in colour

Head: Relatively heavier

Forehead: Flat

Horns: Most of them have horns

Chest: Deep

Belly: Big but not sagging

Back: Flat straight

Loin: Flat straight

Rump: Narrow and little drooping

Tail: Short

Limbs: Small round hooves

Morphometric characters

Body weight: Adult male: 280.7-299.8 Kg, Adult female: 187.3-196.9 kg

Height at withers: Adult male: 117.9-121.7 cm, Adult female: 103.5-106 cm

Reproductive traits

Age of sexual maturity: 3 years

Breeding Age: males 3.5 years, females at 4.5 years

Calving interval: One parity every 2 years are common

Production traits

Daily milk yield: 1.0-1.5 kg

Milk yield per lactation: 137.7-230.2 kg

Lactation length: 305-396 days

Dressing percentage: Bullock 53.2%, female 46.3%

Fleece weight: Bullock 1.7 kg, male 1.6 kg female 0.5 kg

Carrying capacity: 50-80 kg


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