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Sibu Yak, Tibetan High Mountain Yak

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Country: China

Home tract: The Sibu gully 20 miles from Mozhugongga County in Tibet autonomous prefecture.

Morphological Characters

Body: Large, rectangular-shaped

Head: Large, heavy

Horns: Extending outwards and upwards with the top spreading backwards and large space between two horns.

Chest: Deep, wide

Quarters: Most of the animals have underdeveloped rear quarters

Belly: Big but not dropping

Back: Most of the animals have flat straight

Loin: Most of the animals have flat straight

Morphometric characters

Body weight: Adult male: 358 Kg, Adult female: 212 kg

Height at withers: Adult male: 132 cm, Adult female: 109 cm

Body length: Adult male: 149 cm, Adult female: 127 cm

Heart girth: Adult male: 185 cm, Adult female: 153 cm

Reproductive traits

Age of sexual maturity: 3½ years

Breeding age: 4 years

The breeding seasons varies from June to October every year. Most of them have parity every year.

Production traits

Daily milk yield: 1.8 kg

Milk yield per lactation: 179.7 kg

Lactation length: 180 days

Dressing percentage: 49.9%


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