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Niangya Yak, Liangya

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Country: China

Home tract: Jiali county of Naqu region in Tibet autonomous prefeture

Morphological Characters

Body coat: Complex in colour with the pure black of 60%

Head: Rugged

Forehead: Short, wide

Face: Relatively concave

Quarters: Strong. High wide thick withers for males, and little lower withers for females

Belly: Big and not dropping

Rump: Drooping

Reproductive traits

Breeding age: 3½ years

Produces one offspring every two years. Females normally service for breeding for 15 years, mating frequently in June and August.

Production traits

The maximal milk yield is during June and August because grass grows exuberantly but the milk fat ration is low at that time.

Dressing percentage: Female 49-54%


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