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Muli Yak

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Country: China

Home tract: The Muli Zang autonomous county in Sichuan Province

Morphological Characters

Body coat: Pure black or white spotted in colour.

Head: Big

Forehead: Wide

Horns: Both sexes are horned

Ears: Small

Neck: Thick, without dewlap in males, but thin in females

Hump: Males’ humps are aerial and round, but females are low and thin.

Chest: Deep but wide

Quarters: Short quarters

Back: Flat straight

Loin: Flat straight

Limbs: Firm hooves

Reproductive traits

Males can be managed to first breeding at 4 years old. The service year of males and females are 6-8 years and 13 years respectively. The breeding season of females is from July to October every year.

Production traits

Daily milk yield: 1.06 kg

Milk yield per lactation: 407.4 kg

Dressing percentage: 53.2%

Fleece weight: Fleece yield includes coarse hair and under wool.


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