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Maiwa Yak

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Country: China

Home tract: The county of HongYuan of Aba Zang autonomous state in Sichuan Province and along the counties of Waqiemaiwa and Ruorgai.

Morphological Characters

Body: Long

Body coat: Black (64.2% of the population’s colouring); the rest are black with a white spotted head and tail (16.8%), cyan (a very dark blue) (8.1%), brown (5.2%), black-and-white (4.2%) or other colours (1.5%). Forelock grow thickly and tortuous.

Head: Medium sized

Forehead: Flat, wide

Horns: Most of the animals are horned which direct to rearward and bend inward.

Neck: Thin neck, low and thin dewlap

Belly: big and not sagging abdomen

Croup: Narrow slant

Back: Flat and straight

Loin: Flat and straight

Limbs: Short legs and small firm hooves

Morphometric characters

Body weight: Birth male 13.1 kg, female 11.6 kg Adult male: 414 Kg, Adult female: 222 kg

Height at withers: Adult male: 126 cm, Adult female: 106 cm

Body length: Adult male: 157 cm, Adult female: 131 cm

Heart girth: Adult male: 193 cm, Adult female: 155 cm

Reproductive traits

Age at first breeding: Male 3-4 years, females 3 years

Calving interval: Two parities every three years.

Production traits

Daily milk yield: 2.43kg

Milk yield per lactation: 365.0 kg

Lactation length: 180 days

Dressing percentage: Bullock 55.2%

Meat percentage: Bullock 42.8%

Fleece weight: Shearing once a year. Male 1.43 kg female 0.35 kg

Carrying capacity: 100 kg and they can walk consecutively up to 30 kilometers for 7-10 days.


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