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Khainag Yak

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Country: Mongolia

Hybrid between Mongol cattle and yak.

Morphometric characters

Body weight: Adult male: 470 kg

Height at withers: Adult male: 124 cm

Body length: Adult male: 162 cm

Heart girth: Adult male: 195 cm

Production traits

Milk yield per lactation: 470 kg

Remarks: Khainags inherit body size and conformation from the mother and father lines, is stronger and has a higher body weight and productivity, as well as higher transport capacity than Mongolian cattle and yaks. Live weight is 25-30% higher and milk production is 30-40% higher with a longer lifespan. Khainag has strong characteristics, long legs with wide steps, easy to train for transport, calm, persistent and can be used to lead the herd to cross water and snowdrifts.


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