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Sheep Breeds

Buchi Sheep, Bahawalpuri

Category: Meat, wool Country: Pakistan Home tract: Wool and Mutton Bahawalpur, Bahawalnagar, Rahim Yar Khan, Multan and Muzaffarabad Morphological characteristics Ears: Medium sized Ears: Medium sized Tail: Thin tailed Morphometric traits Body weight:
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Bibrik Sheep, Beverigh

Category: Meat, wool, milk for ghee Country: Pakistan Home tract: Marri-Bugti tract of Sibi and Loralai Morphological characteristics Body: Compact, moderately developed body with slightly hollow back, more marked...
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Baltistani Sheep

Category: Meat, wool Country: Pakistan Home tract: Baltisan in Northern areas Morphological characteristics Tail: Thin Morphometric traits Body weight: Adult male – 30 kg, female – 24.8 kg Production traits Daily milk yield:...
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Balochi Sheep

Category: Meat, wool Country: Pakistan, Iran Home tract: Kalat division and suburb of Quetta down to Sibi (Pakistan). It is also found in eastern Iran. Morphological characteristics Body: Medium...
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Balki Sheep, Balkhi

Category: Meat Country: Pakistan Home tract: Tribal areas and adjoining areas in NWFP Morphological characteristics Tail: Fat tailed Morphometric traits Body weight: Adult male – 54.6 kg, female – 38 kg Production...
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Harnali Sheep

Category: Meat, wool Country: India Home tract: Developed at University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Hisar, Haryana, by crossing Nali, Merino and Corriedale with inheritance of 37.5%...
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Vembur Sheep, Karandhai

Accession number: INDIA_SHEEP_1800_VEMBUR_14032 Country: India Home Tract: Tamilnadu Distribution: Vembur, Melakkarandhai, Keezhakarandhai, Nagalpuram, Kavundhanapatty, Achangulam and some other villages of Pudur Panchayat Union and Vilathikulam Panchayat areas of...
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Tiruchi Black Sheep, Triruchy Karungurumbai, Trichy Black

Accession number: INDIA_SHEEP_1800_TIRUCHIBLACK_14031 Country: India Home Tract: Tamilnadu Distribution: Perambalur and Ariyalur taluks of Tiruchy district, Kallakurichy taluk of South Arcot district, Viraganur area of Attur taluk of...
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Tibetan Sheep

Accession number: INDIA_SHEEP_2300_TIBETAN_14038 Country: India Home Tract: Arunachal Pradesh Distribution: Northern Sikkim and Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh. Morphological Characteristics Body: Medium-sized Body coat: Mostly white with black or brown face;...
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Sonadi Sheep

Accession number: INDIA_SHEEP_1700_SONADI_14018 Country: India Home Tract: Rajasthan Distribution: Udaipur and Dungarpur districts and, to some extent, Chittorgarh district of Rajasthan; also extends to northern Gujarat. Morphological Characteristics Body: Fairly...
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Shahbadi Sheep, Plain Type Sheep

Accession number: INDIA_SHEEP_0300_SHAHBADI_14037 Country: India Home Tract: Bihar Distribution: Shahabad, Patna and Gaya districts of Bihar Morphological Characteristics Body: Medium-sized, leggy Body coat: Mostly grey, sometimes with black spots. Horns: Both sexes...
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Sandyno Sheep

Country: India Origin: Tamilnadu. Developed by crossing Nilagiri sheep with Merino and Rambouillet. The breed has ¾ inheritance from Nilagiri and 5/8 inheritance from Merino /...
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Rampur Bushair Sheep

Accession number: INDIA_SHEEP_0600_RAMPURBUSHAIR_14007 Country: India Home Tract: Himachal Pradesh Distribution: Simla, Kinnaur, Nahan, Bilaspur, Solan and Lahaul and Spiti districts of Himachal Pradesh and Dehradun, Rishikesh, Chakrota and...
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Ramnad White Sheep

Accession number: INDIA_SHEEP_1800_RAMNADWHITE_14030 Country: India Home Tract: Tamilnadu Distribution: Ramnad district and adjoining areas of Tirunalveli district. Morphological Characteristics Body: Medium-sized Body coat: Predominantly white with black belly and extremities or...
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Pugal Sheep

Accession number: INDIA_SHEEP_1700_PUGAL_14017 Country: India Home Tract: Rajasthan Distribution: Bikaner and Jaisalmer districts of Rajasthan, but pure specimens are available only in the northwestern border area of the...
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Poonchi Sheep

Accession number: INDIA_SHEEP__0700_POONCHI_14006 Country: India, Pakistan Home Tract: Jammu and Kashmir Distribution: Poonch and part of Rajori districts of Jammu province. Morphological Characteristics Body: Low-set Body coat: Predominantly white in colour,...
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Patanwadi Sheep, Desi, Kutchi, Kathiawari, Vadhiyari, Charotari

Accession number: INDIA_SHEEP_0400_PATANWADI_14016 Country: India Home Tract: Gujarat Distribution: Coastal plain region: Saurashtra and Kutch districts, and sandy loamy areas of Patan, Kadi, Kalol, Sidhapur and Chanssama taluks...
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Nilgiri Sheep

Accession number: INDIA_SHEEP_1800_NILGIRI_14029 Country: India Home Tract: Tamilnadu. Nilgiri, evolved during the 19th century, originated from a cross-breed base and contains an unknown level of inheritance of...
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Nellore Sheep, Palla, Jodipi,Jodimpu, Dora

Accession number: INDIA_SHEEP_0100_NELLORE_14028 Country: India Home Tract: Andhra Pradesh Distribution: Morphological Characteristics Three varieties are distinguished, primarily on the basis of colour: “Palla”, completely white or white with light...
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Nali Sheep

Accession number: INDIA_SHEEP_1700_NALI_14015 Country: India Home Tract: Rajasthan Distribution: Ganganagar, Churu and Jhunjhunu districts of Rajasthan, southern part of Hissar and Rohtak districts of Haryana. Morphological Characteristics Body: Medium-sized Body coat:...
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