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Yalada Sheep

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Category: Meat

Country: India

Home tract: Bagalkot district of Karnatka state

Morphological characteristics

Body: Medium sized

Body coat: White coat colour consisted of thick small hairs. Face is white, white with black or brown patches of varying size to complete black.

Horns: Horns are present in 90% males and 4% females

Tail: Small and thin

Udder: Well developed

Morphometric traits

Body weight: Adult male 54.4±1.3 kg, female 34.4±0.3 kg

Body length: Adult males: 77.5±0.8 cm; females: 69.4±0.2 cm

Height at withers: Adult males: 82.9±0.6 cm; females: 74.1±0.2 cm

Chest girth: Adult males: 89.5±0.8 cm; females: 77.8±0.2 cm

Remarks: Flocks are housed in open enclosures with or without a thatched shed.


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