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Sangamneri Sheep

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Category: Meat, wool

Country: India

Home tract: Rahuri, Sangamner, Rahata and Sri Rampur blocks of Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra.

Morphological characteristics

Body: Large, tall and long; straight backline, medium deep barrel

Body coat: Coat colour is white but lambs are tan coloured. Head and legs are brown. The head, face, belly and legs are covered with short, brown and shiny hair

Head: Narrow forehead

Nose: Slightly roman

Horns: Both sexes are polled

Ears: Long and drooping

Tail: Thin and medium in length

Legs: Strong, long and thin with grey coloured hooves

Morphometric traits

Body weight: Adult male 49.3±1.70 kg, female 35.4±0.49 kg

Body length: Adult males: 81.8±0.78 cm; Adult females: 75.3±0.23 cm

Height at withers: Adult males: 76.9±0.82 cm; Adult females: 72.3±0.20 cm

Chest girth: Adult males: 83.9±0.89 cm; Adult females: 78.2±0.31 cm

Paunch girth: Adult males: 84.5±0.81 cm; Adult females: 78.3±0.35 cm

Ear length: Adult males: 19.1±0.21 cm; Adult females: 19.0±0.14 cm

Tail length: Adult males: 20.3±0.54 cm; Adult females: 18.8±0.17 cm

Reproductive traits

Age at first breeding: 10-12 months

Age at first lambing: 15-18 months

Litter size: 0.8-0.9, twining rare

Production traits

Greasy fleece: 0.7-0.8 kg per annum

Remarks: Sangamneri sheep are reared by shepherds and landless farmers mostly belonging to Dhangar and Ramoshi communities. The animals are reared under extensive management system. Shepherds remain on migration during December to June.


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