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Kajali Sheep

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Category: Meat, wool

Country: India

Home tract: Sangrur, Barnala, Ludhiana, Moga and adjoining districts of Punjab. The breed ‘Kajali’ derived its name from black circles (Kajal in human) around the eyes.

Morphological characteristics

Body: Large sized, well-built

Body coat: Kajali sheep has two types / variants distinguished primarily on the basis of colour viz. Black (Kali) Kajali- with complete black or black brown body with about 40 % white tail, and White (Chitti) Kajali - with white body and black face and ear. Out of total animals surveyed 61.48 % animals are of Kali Kajali type and 38.52 % are of White kajali (chitti Kajali) type.

Nose: Roman type

Horns: Both the sexes are polled, however, in some males horn are present.

Ears: Long, pendulous

Tail: Long, touching the ground

Morphometric traits

Body weight: Adult male 59.31±1.27 kg, female 44.04±0.49 kg

Reproductive traits

Age at first breeding: 12-15 months


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