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Chitrangi Sheep

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Category: Meat, wool

Country: India

Home tract: Fazilka, Mukrsar districts of Punjab, Sri Ganga nagar district of Rajasthan and adjoining areas.

Morphological characteristics

Body coat: The coat colour is white and face is white with reddish brown patches around eyes, muzzle and on ears. Light brown and chocolate colour patches are also seen.

Horns: Both sexes are gnerally polled

Ears: Serrations of different shape and depth are noted on distal end of ear pinna, which is the characteristic of this breed.

Morphometric traits

Body weight: Adult male 41-72 kg, female 33-61 kg

Body length: 74.76 cm

Height at withers: 73.34 cm

Chest girth: 85.96 cm

Paunch girth: 86.03 cm

Face length: 20.26 cm

Face width: 9.53 cm

Ear length: 18.03 cm

Tail length: 22.22 cm

Reproductive traits

Age at maturity: 12-15 months

Production traits

Greasy fleece: 1.5-2.0 kg per annum; generally shorn thrice a year. The February-March clip is white and rest is canary or off white coloured.

Remarks: Fleece is of good carpet quality. Flock size 45-200 with an average of 93.


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