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Madgya Sheep

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Category: Meat

Country: India

Home tract: Andhra Pradesh, Sangli district of Maharashtra, also present in Satara district

Morphological characteristics

Body: Tall, hairy

Body coat: White with brown patches

Morphometric traits

Body weight: Birth 2.94±0.031, three months 19.39±0.098, six months 32.94±0.159, nine months 37.42±0.423 and 12 months 41.65±0.465 kg; adult male 59.8±1.82, female 46.1±0.45 kg

Body length: Adult males: 83.5±0.92 cm; Adult females: 76.7±0.22 cm

Height at withers: Adult males: 84.8±0.78 cm; Adult females: 77.9±0.24 cm

Chest girth: Adult males: 87.7±1.11 cm; Adult females: 82.1±0.30 cm

Ear length: Adult males: 20.2±0.29 cm; Adult females: 20.1±0.08 cm

Tail length: Adult males: 21.7±0.34 cm; Adult females: 19.7±0.10 cm

Remarks: This breed of sheep is sturdy that survives well under drought condition. It has rapid growth rate. They are regular breeder, once in a year.


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