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Duma Sheep, Dumba, Baraiya

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Category: Meat

Country: India

Home tract: Saylataluka of Surendranagar district  of Gujarat state. The breed is very popular among the breeders and has spread to Bhavnagar, Kutch, Anand, Kheda and Ahmedabad districts.

Morphological characteristics

Body: Large

Body coat: Blackish to light brown face; colour extending upto ventral part of neck, body, covering both fore and hind quarters

Wattles: Tactile hairs have been found on wattles

Ears: Long and pendulous

Tail: Long

Legs: Long

Udder: Well developed with well developed teats

Production traits

Daily milk yield: Good milk yield

Greasy fleece: 1.0 kg per annum

Remarks: The sheep have excellent migratory ability.

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