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Sutai Sheep

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Category: Meat, wool, milk

Country: Mongolia

Home tract: Sutai Mountain in the Darib district of Khobot province

Morphological characteristics

Body: Compact

Body coat: White, head is black or brown, with black rings around the eyes.

Head: Medium sized

Nose: Roman type

Horns: 60% of males and 15 percent of females are horned

Ears: Broad, long and drooping

Tail: Fat-tail, medium-sized

Back: Straight, comparatively higher posterior

Legs: Brown with dark spots and black hooves

Morphometric traits

Body weight: Birth weight - male 3.5 kg, female - 3.0 kg; Adult male - 72.5 kg, female - 57.4 kg

Body length: Adult males: 72 cm; Adult females: 70 cm

Height at withers: Adult males: 70.3 cm; Adult females: 66.5 cm

Chest girth: Adult males: 96.1 cm; Adult females: 91.9 cm

Reproductive traits

Age at first breeding: 15-18 months

Production traits

Greasy fleece: Male 1.8-2.2 kg, female 1.5-1.7 kg per annum;

Fibre length: 13-19 cm

Dressing percentage: 42.5-48.1 %

Remarks: The mutton quality is juicy and good.


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