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Steppe White Sheep

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Category: Meat

Country: Mongolia

Home tract: Developed by crossing fine wool Altai and Uvur baigal breeds as well as with semi-fine wool Tsigai breed. This sheep is raised in Undurkhaan of Khentii aimag and Asgat of Sukhbaatar aimag.

Morphometric traits

Body weight: Adult male – 75 kg, female – 55 kg

Production traits

Greasy fleece: Male 4.2 kg, females 2.1-2.6 kg per annum;

Fibre diameter: 25.1-43.0 µ

Fibre length: 7.0 cm

Dressing percentage: 44.5%

Remarks: This breed is adapted to pasture land of the vast Dornod steppe and reared for meat and wool purposes. Wool has batched shape and is most suited for making fabric and textiles. The animal has a good quality skin.


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