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Welsh Pig

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Country: England

Place of origin: England

Morphological characteristics

Body: Long; "pear shaped" when viewed from either the side or from above.

Body coat: Yellow-white, but some are spotted black and white.

Ears: Lop ears meeting at the tips just short of the pig’s nose.

Sides (Loin): Deep, strong

Legs: Well-set apart

Morphometric traits

Body weight: Boar: 250 kg, Sows: 150-200 kg

Reproductive traits

Litter size: 11.24 piglets

Teats: Minimum 14 teats

Mothering ability: Good mothers

Production traits

Meat quality: The Welsh is ideal for both pork and bacon production with carcases remaining lean at heavier weights.

Climatic adaptation: Hardy and thrive under a wide variety of conditions, both indoor and outside.

Remarks: Boars are excellent crossing sires for rare breed sows producing leaner, fast growing offspring with improved conformation.


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