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Tamworth Pig, Cottagers' Pig

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Status: Rare

Country: England, Scotland, Canada

Place of origin: Originated in central England in the counties of Stafford, Warwick, Leicester, and Northhampton.  Named for village of Tamworth in Staffordshire, England. Tamworth is probably the most direct descendant of the native pig stock of northern Europe. There is historic documentation that some of the stock used to develop the breed may have had an Irish origin.

Morphological characteristics

Body: Medium; long, thin/lean, athletic

Body coat: Red, red-gold hair - distinctive ginger coat

Head: Long

Ears: Erect, pricked

Face: Straight, slightly dished and wide between the ears

Snout: Narrow, long; longest snout of the present day domestic breeds.

Jowl: Light

Sides (Loin): Long

Legs: Long, strong legs and sound feet give Tamworth pigs the ability to walk for considerable distances.

Morphometric traits

Body weight: Boar: 245-265 kg, Sows: 200-300 kg

Reproductive traits:

Litter size: 7.8 piglets

Mothering ability: Excellent mothers

Production traits

Meat quality: Produce white-fleshed carcases with long sides and big hams.

Temperament: Good nature; docile as well as protective. It is more active than many rare breed pigs and requires strong fencing.

Climatic adaptation: Hardy and can be kept in environments ranging from rough pasture to meadowland. Of all the native breeds it is particularly resistant to sunburn. Does not do well in confinement.

Remarks: Bacon-type hogs; very active; very good forager; disease resistance.


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