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Zovawk Pig

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Registration accession number: INDIA_PIG_2700_ZOVAWK_09007

Type: Pork

Status: Negligible in numbers

Country: India

Home tract: Distributed in Mizoram

Morphological characteristics

Body: Small sized

Body coat: Black with white spot on forehead, white patches on belly and white boots. Long bristles on mid-line are characteristics of the Zovawk pig.

Ears: Erect

Snout: Concave

Back: Concave top line is also characteristics of the Zovawk pig.

Belly: Pot belly

Morphometric traits

Body weight: Boar: 54 kg, Sows: 59 kg

Reproductive traits:

Age at puberty: Boar: days, Sows: days; 2.5 months when they are about 4.5 kg body weight

Age at first Farrowing: 9-10 months when they are of about 40 kg body weights

Temperament: Very alert

Remarks: Reared by Mizo community for pork and manure purposes.


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