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Tenyi Vo Pig, Suho Pig, Votho Pig, Naga Indigenous Pig

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Registration accession number: INDIA_PIG_1400_TENYIVO_09004

Type: Pork

Status: Endangered. Currently need to preserve from extinction.

Country: India

Home tract: Found in the district of Chakesang, Mao, Tuensang and Angami area of Nagaland (India). The name Tenyi vo literaly translates into the "Pig from Angami". Amongst the Sema tribe it is called Suho and amongst the Lotha tribe it is known as Votho.

Morphological characteristics

Body: Small sized

Body coat: Hairy and black in colour. Some of them are white striped on the neck or shoulders and spotted on the fore-head.

Ears: Small erect

Eyes: Bright alert

Face: Elongated

Snout: Strong and long tapering snout

Legs: With white hooves

Belly: Pot bellied

Tail: Straight with a white switch, reaches the hock joint

Morphometric traits

Body weight: Adult 35-50 kg

Reproductive traits: Early age maturity, fast farrowing, and shorter inter-farrowing intervals. When the pig reaches an average weight of around 25 to 35 kg mating begins.

Remarks: These pigs survive without much care especially in feeding and disease management. Meat is very tender and has less fat that makes it ideal in the kitchen giving a unique taste that is more flavoursome.


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