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Horse Breeds

Domestic Mountain Pony, Domaci-brdski konj, Bosansko-brdski konj

Country: Serbia, Montenegro Home tract: South-East Serbia, Montenegro. Descending from Equus przevalski and Equus tarpan., influenced by the autochthonous Balkan Horse, Southern Russian horse, Asian types
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Debao Pony

Country: China Status: Strictly protected by Government References Beijing, “Report on Domestic Animal Genetic Resources in China,” June 2003 [Web Reference] Porter V., et al., 2016, “Mason's World Encyclopedia...
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Datong Horse

Country: China Home tract: Drainage area of Datong River, Qinghai Province Morphological Characters Body: Small body size, firm type, well muscled, coarse constitution Head: Heavy with a straight profile Ears:...
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Danubian Horse, Dunavski kon

Country: Bulgaria Home tract: Northwest Bulgaria and a part of South Bulgaria. The Danubian Horse is a result of crosses of Nonius with some local mares. Status:...
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Croatian Coldblood Horse, Hrvatski hladnokrvnjak

Country: Croatia Home tract: Lowlands of Croatia. Autochthonous bred in the central and northwestern Croatia. Croatian Coldblood was under a significant influence of the English Thoroughbred...
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Chakou Post Horse, Chakouyi Horse, Chahou Post Pony

Country: China Home tract: Tibetan Autonomous County of Tianzhu, Yongdeng and Gulang County, Ganshu provine Morphological Characters Body: Moderate sized Body coat: Bay is the most common colours, but...
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Chaidamu Horse

Country: China Home tract: Dulan, Geermu and Wulan County, Qinghai Province Status: Morphological Characters Body: Belongs to Mongolia horse family, draught-ride type; moderately body size, strong and round...
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Carakachanski Kon Horse, Karakachan, Karakachanska

Country: Bulgarian Home tract: Alpine mountain pastures of Rila Mountain, Pirin Mountain, central part of Sara planina Mountain, western part of Rhodope Mountain. Status: Critical Morphological Characters Body coat:...
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Buohai Horse

Country: China Home tract: Northeastern part of the Shandong Province near the Buohai Sea and the Yellow River. Originally of Mongolian origin Morphological Characters Body coat: Bay, chestnut...
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Brandenburger Horse

Country: Germany References Hendricks B.L., 2007, “International encyclopedia of horse breeds,” University of Oklahoma Press; p. 79.   The Equinest, 2011, “Brandenburger Horse,” The Equinest - The 100% Horse...
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Bose Horse

Country: China Home tract: Bose and Hechi Prefecture, Guangxi zhuang Autonomous Region Morphological Characters Body: Firm type, dryness Head: Slightly weightly and straight Jaws: Concave and wide Ears: Small and fore-erect Neck:...
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Bosanski Brdski Konj Horse, Bosnian Pony, Bosniak, Bosnian Mountain

Country: Bosnia Home tract: Originated from Busa Pony; Karst type in Hercegovina, improved by Arab Small horse. Status: Critical Morphological Characters Body: Balkan Pony type, body shape is square...
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Borana Horse

Country: Ethiopia Home tract: Borana zone with typical representative populations around Megga. These are typical low-land horses raised by well-known Borana Oromo pastoralists in southern Ethiopia Morphological...
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Black Forest Horse, Schwarzwälder Kaltblut, St. Märgener, Wälderpferd

Country: Germany Home tract: Black Forest in southern Germany. Thought to date back as many as 600 years, The Black Forest horse is a very old...
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Bhutia Horse, Bhote Ghoda, Bhutan Pony, Bhutani, Bhutua Pony, Indian Country Bred pony

Accession number: INDIA_ HORSE_2223_BHUTIA_07005 Country: India Home tract: Sikkim and Darjeeling Morphological Characters Body: Compact Body coat: Usually grey or bay coloured and similar to the Tibetan pony. Neck: Short and...
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Bavarian Warmblood Horse

Country: Germany Home tract: Originated in southern Germany in the hopes of creating a superior sport horse. This breed was developed in the 1960’s by crossing...
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Baluchi Horse

Country: Pakistan Home tract: Districts of Dera Ghazi Khan, Muzaffargarh, Multan in Punjab Province and in some parts of Balochistan and Sindh. Morphological Characters Body: Medium sized, smart...
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Balikun Horse

Country: China Home tract: Kazak Autonomous County of Barkol, Yiwu and Hami County, Xinjiang. Descended from Kazakh and Mongolian horses. Morphological Characters Body: Compact, coarse Body coat: Bay, chestnut...
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Bale Horse

Country: Ethiopia Home tract: Mainly on Bale mountains on the eastern side of the Great Rift Valley Morphological Characters Body: Unsound conformation, course body Back: Dipped Abdomen: Paunchy belly Mophometric traits Height...
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Austrian Warmblood Horse

Country: Austria Home tract: Developed as a superior riding and competition horse, by crossing Furioso and Arabian, which created the native mare base in Austria (the...
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