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Horse Breeds

Hequ Horse, Hequl, Nanfanhe

Country: China Home tract: Yellow River area among Qinghai, Ganshu and Sichuan Province. Three types of the breed emerged. (1) Jiaoke type - found in the
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Heilongkiang Horse

Country: China Home tract: Song-liao plain in the northern Heilongkiang province. The breed was developed by crossing Ardennes, Soviet Heavy Draft, Vladimir Draft, Orlov Trotters, Russian...
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Heihe Horse

Country: China Home tract: Heilongjiang River Basin in Heihe city; developed from Mongolian and local Soulun horses. There are two types, a lighter riding-draft and a...
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Hanoverian Horse

Country: Germany Home tract: Established in Celle, Germany in 1735 by George II, King of England (1727-1760). Now bred extensively in North and South America and...
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Haflinger Horse

Country: Austria Home tract: Tyrol, a mountainous region of Austria. Named after name of tiny village of Hafling. Developed when an Arabian stallion was introduced to...
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Guoxia Pony

Country: China Home tract: Debao, Jingxi and Tianyan counties of southwest China and it is an ancient breed that probably comes from the Mongolian horse. Status: Rare Morphological...
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Guizhou Horse

Country: China Home tract: Xingyi City, Yi-Hui-Miao Autonomous County of Weining, Guizhou Province Morphological Characters Body: Small sized, firm type, rectangular Body coat: Bay, chestnut are the most common...
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Guanzhong Horse

Country: China Home tract: Weithe basin Morphological Characters Head: Medium in size with a straight profile Neck: Medium in length and slightly crested Back: Wide and straight Quarters: Hindquarters are square...
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Guangxi Horse, Guanxi, Baise Horse

Country: China Home tract: Sichuan provinces and the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous region Morphological Characters Body: Small sized, looks like Mongolian horse Body coat: Black, chestnut, grey, bay are the...
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Glasinacki Horse

Country: Bosnia Home tract: Area of distribution South-east Bosnia-Hercegovina: Glasinac; Sarajevo-Romanija Region References Bytyqi H., 2009, “Rare breeds and varieties of the Balkan Atlas 2009 - Synonyms, Occurrence,...
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Ghazi Horse

Country: Pakistan Home tract: North-western Pakistan References The Equinest, 2011, “Ghazi Horse,” The Equinest - The 100% Horse Crap. [Web Reference]...
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German Riding Pony, Deutsches Reitpony, Weser-Ems Pony

Country: Germany Home tract: They were developed as a pony with horse like characteristics and retaining a horse type. They are often described as mini warmbloods....
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German Cold-Blooded Horse, Rhineland Heavy Draft, Rhenish Cold Blood

Country: Germany Home tract: Developed by crossing Belgian Draft with a combination of draft animals from neighboring countries. Status: Declining Morphological Characters Body: Compact and deep Body coat: Chestnut, grey,...
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Ganzhi Horse

Country: China Home tract: Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Garze and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Aba, Sichuan Province Morphological Characters Body: Compact body conformation, firm type, and dryness Body coat:...
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Erlunchun Horse

Country: China Home tract: Developed in China by crossing different Mongolian strains in northeastern China. Originally developed for military use they were later popular for hunting...
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Elenchus Horse

Country: China Home tract: Oroqen Autonomous Banner, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region; Huma County, Aihui and Xunke County, Heilongjiang Province Morphological Characters Body: Moderately body size, coarse constitution Body coat:...
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East Friesian Warmblood Horse

Country: Germany Home tract/Origin: Originated from a wide variety of bloodlines, from England to Spain to Turkey to Poland. The idea was to produce a modern...
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East Friesian Horse - Old Type

Country: Germany Status: The original Old type Friesian breed is essentially extinct today, in pureblood form anyway. Home tract: Initially they were larger animals and used for...
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East Bulgarian Horse, Iztochnobalgarski kon

Country: Bulgaria Home tract: Throughout the country Status: Critical Morphological Characters Body coat: Chestnut, black, bay, grey (rarely) Head: Medium-sized head, narrowed in its lower part Jaws: Broad back angles of...
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Dulmen Pony, Dulmener

Country: Germany Home tract: Westphalia Status: Endangered Morphological Characters Body: Compact Body coat: Chestnut, black, bay, dun Head: Plain Neck: Short and stout Quarters: Hindquarters are steeply sloped Legs: Short Mophometric traits Body height at withers:...
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