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Horse Breeds

Manipuri Horse

Accession number: INDIA_ HORSE_1200_MANIPURI_07003 Country: India Home tract: Manipur and Assam. Manipuri pony is the descendants of Asian wild horse. Status: Decreasing. Morphological Characters Body: More or less round, well
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Lipitsa Horse, Lipicanac, Lippizan

Country: Croatia, Slavonia Home tract: East Croatia; Slavonia. Imported from Slovenia in the 19th century. Status: Endangered Morphological Characters Body: Compact Body coat: Uni coloured: grey; partial albinism Coat silky...
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Lipizzan Horse

Country: Austria Home tract: Descendant of ancient Iberian horse. Named for the village of Lipizza near the northwest border of Italy (before the 2nd World War...
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Lijiang Pony

Country: China Home tract: Lijiang District; this area is at high altitude & the climate varies widely and native animals were not large enough to suit...
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Lichuan Horse

Country: China Home tract: Lichuan County, Huibei Province Morphological Characters Body: Firm type, short and strong, fine and dryness Body coat: Gray, bay, chestnut, black all could be seen Head:...
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Lewitzer Pony, Lewitz

Country: Germany Home tract/origin: Developed in 1976 by crossing various pony breeds including Shetland and Fjord with Arabian, Trakehner and Thoroughbred animals. The goal was to...
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Lehmkuhlener Pony

Country: Germany Home tract: Originated Lehmkuhlen, Germany and was bred privately by the House of Baron Thunder stud farm and come from a cross between local...
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Kundido feral Horse

Country: Ethiopia Home tract: Kundido Mountain and nearby areas in Eastern Ethiopia Morphological Characters Body: Unsound conformation Back: Short, dipped Abdomen: Paunchy Remarks: Feral horses currently under domestication process References Kefena E., et...
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Kazakh Horse

Country: China Home tract: Kazak Autonomous Prefecture of Ili, north foot of Mount Tianshan, west of Zhunkeer and Aertai, Xinjiang Morphological Characters Body coat: Bay, chestnut, black are...
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Kathiawari Horse

Accession number: INDIA_HORSE_0400_KATHIAWARI_07002 Country: India Home tract: The breeding tract of the breed is Saurashtra province of Gujarat which comprises of Rajkot, Bhavnagar, Surendranagar Junagarh and Amreli...
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Kafa Horse

Country: Ethiopia Home tract: South-western Ethiopia in, in the tropical rainforest of Kafa-Sheka zone Morphological Characters Body: Heavy with sound body conformation Mophometric traits Height at withers: 133.2±0.5 cm Height at...
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Jinzhou Horse

Country: China Home tract: Developed in Jin Country in the southern region of Liaodong peninsula of China; by crossing Japanese brought Hackney, Anglo-Norman & Orlov Trotters...
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Jinjiang Horse

Country: China Home tract: Jinjiang County, Nan’an County, Si’an County, and Fujian Province Morphological Characters Body coat: Bay is the most common colour Mophometric traits Body weight: Male 274.1 kg,...
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Jinhong Horse

Country: China Home tract: Coastal province of Fujian, in the southeast of China. They were raised mostly in isolation making them a relatively pure breed today. Morphological...
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Jielin Horse

Country: China Home tract: Baicheng, Changchun & Sipling Districts Morphological Characters Body: Massive in construction Body coat: Chestnut, black, bay Head: Medium in size Mophometric traits Body height at withers: 152.4 cm Temperament:...
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Jianchang Horse

Country: China Home tract: Yi Antonymous Prefecture of Liangshan, Hanyuan County, Ya’an Prefecture, Yanbian County, Dukou Prefecture, Sichuan Province Morphological Characters Body: Small sized, coarse and compact type,...
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Horro Horse

Country: Ethiopia Home tract: Western central highland, Horro district Morphological Characters Body: Unsound conformations Mophometric traits Height at withers: 128.2±0.4 cm Height at back: 121.6±0.5 cm Height at rump: 127.7±0.5 cm Body length:...
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Holsteiner Horse

Country: Germany Home tract: Named from the Elmshorn district of Holstein where the Holsteiner originated, this breed is descendant of wild marsh horses from the local...
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Hirzai Horse

Country: Germany Home tract: Developed in Baluchistan, Pakistan during the first Afghan war of 1839 Status: Rare Morphological Characters Body coat: Most commonly grey, but can be any colour Head:...
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Hessen Horse

Country: Germany Home tract: Developed by usinf the Hanoverian, Westphalian, Thoroughbred Trakehner and Arabian animals. The breeding conditions are particularly harsh in Hessen due to difficult...
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