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Horse Breeds

Selale Horse, Oromo

Country: Ethiopia Home tract: Central Ethiopia, North Shoa zone with typical population in Jidda district Morphological Characters Body: Symmetrical conformation Back: Top lines are straight with well developed crests
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Schleswiger Heavy Draft Horse, Holsteiner Coldblood, Schleswiger Kaldblut

Country: Germany Home tract: Northern Germany. Resultant of crossing between Holstein warmbloods were crossed with Oldenburger, Suffolk Punch and Jutland blood Status: Endangered Morphological Characters Body coat: Generally chestnut...
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Saxony Warmblood Horse

Country: Germany Home tract: Saxony and Thuringia. Descended from East Friesian & Oldenburg horses Status: Endangered By the mid to late 20th century the numbers of Saxony Warmblood...
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Saxon-Turinga Coldblood Horse

Country: Germany Home tract: Turinga and Saxony, descended from Rhenish Westfalian Draught Horses. Status: Rare, conservation Morphological Characters Body coat: Chestnut, grey, bay, black colours Mophometric traits Body height at withers:...
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Sanhe Horse

Country: China Home tract: Eastern Inner Mongolia at a grassland basin formed by three rivers (Sanhe means ‘three rivers’). Morphological Characters Body coat: Chestnut, bay Neck: Slightly heavy Shoulder: Slanted Legs:...
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Sandan Horse

Country: China Home tract: Sandan plateau at the foot of the Qilian Shan mountain range in China. These animals are bred at altitudes upwards of 8,000...
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Sachsen Warmblood Horse

Country: Germany Home tract: Eastern Germany. The breeding association was established in 1944, at a time when the only studbooks were for coldblooded or heavy warmblooded...
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Rottaler Horse, Rottal

Country: Germany Home tract: Lower Bavaria in southeast Germany. Named after the name of the Rott River which runs through the area. Status: Very rare breed Morphological Characters Body...
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Posavina Horse, Hrvatski posavac, Posavac

Country: Croatia Home tract: Central Croatia; Posavina; Flood Plains of the river Sava and its tributaries (Odra, Lonja). Indigenous Croatian breed, with influence of Asian and Arabian...
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Plevens Horse, Plevenski kon

Country: Bulgaria Home tract: Found in North and West Bulgaria. Developed by crossing of Arabian, Anglo-Arabian аnd Gidran stallions with some local mares. Status: Critical Morphological Characters Body: Elongated Body...
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Oldenburger Horse

Country: Germany Home tract: Originating in the 17th century in provinces of Oldenburg and East Friesland, the Oldenburger (or Oldenburg) blood is derived from Fresian horses....
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Ogaden Horse, Wilwal

Country: Ethiopia Home tract: Somali Regional State around Jijjiga, Waju and Aware areas Morphological Characters Body: Heavy with sound conformation Back: Mares are with dipped topline Abdomen: Paunchy in mares References Kefena...
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Noriker Horse, Noric

Country: Austria Home tract: Alpine region and foothills of Austria. Originally comes from Greece, where they bred heavy war horses. The original Noriker’s came with the...
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Oberlander Horse

Country: Germany Home tract: South German state of Bavaria. The Oberlander breed arose from a foundation stock that included Belgian, Clydesdale, Norfolk, Cleveland Bay, Friesian, Norman...
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Nonius Horse

Country: Serbia Home tract: North Serbia; Vojvodina. A composite of Anglo-Norman, English Thoroughbred, Arab, Lipitsa and Kladruby. Status: Critical Morphological Characters Body coat: Bay, bay-brown or light chestnut Head: Convex Mophometric...
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Murinsulaner Horse, Medjimurski Konj

Country: Croatia Home tract: North Croatia; Medimurje. Native Croatian breed, created in the 19th century from native warmblood (mares), Noriker, Percheron, Ardennais and Brabant; Medimurski konj...
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Mongolian Horse

Country: China Home tract: Inner Mongolia; some countries or pasturing area in east north, north and west north of China Morphological Characters Body: Firm type, moderately body sized Body...
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Mingling Horse

Country: China Home tract: Guangpin, Yangguan and Daijiaba District, Ningqiang County, and Shanxi Province Morphological Characters Body: West-south type, compact and firm type, small sized Body coat: They are...
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Mecklenburg Horse

Country: Germany Home tract: Mecklenburg-Vorpommern region of north east Germany. The modren Mecklenburg horses were developed by crossing with Oldenburg, Holsteiner, Danish Warmblood and mostly Hanoverian...
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Marwari Horse

Accession number: INDIA_HORSE_1700_MARWARI_07001 Country: India Home tract: Marwar region of the Rajasthan. The Marwar region includes Udaipur, Jalor, Jodhpur and Rajasamand districts of Rajasthan and some adjoining...
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