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Zanskari Horse

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Accession number: INDIA_ HORSE_0700_ZANSKARI_07006

Country: India

Home tract: Leh and Laddakh area of Jammu and Kashmir.

Status: Declining; large scale breeding with non descript ponies has endangered this breed. The Animal Husbandry Department, Jammu and Kashmir has established a Zanskari horse Breeding farm at Padum Zanskar in Kargil district of Ladakh for breed improvement and conservation through selective breeding.

Morphological Characters

Body: Medium sized, well built, compact

Body coat: Predominant body colour is grey followed by black and copper. The body hairs are fine, long and glossy.

Head: With broad forehead

Eyes: Predominant

Back: Strong

Tail: Heavy and long

Mophometric traits

Body length: 96-114 cm

Body height at withers: 120-140 cm

Heart girth: 140-152 cm

Cannon circumferences:

Face length: 48-53 cm

Temperament: Spirited and alert

Remarks: The horses are known for their ability to work, run adequately and carry loads at high altitude. They have uniform gait.


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