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Yili Horse

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Country: China

Home tract: Developed in the mountain basin grasslands of Yili-Kazakh Autonomous District in China. At the turn of the 20th century Russian immigrants brought stallions to the area to improve local Kazakh horses. Later in 1936 Don, Orlov Trotter & Anglo-Don animals were imported to further improve stock, however they didn’t achieve the desired results. By 1936 a suitable draft-riding type was achieved and careful interbreeding created the Yili Horse.

Morphological Characters

Body: Compact and harmonious in conformation

Body coat: Chestnut, grey, bay, black

Head: Light with a straight profile

Neck: Average in length and slightly arched in studs

Back: Short and strong

Quarters: Shoulder is sloped

Chest: Deep

Legs: Clean and often hind legs are sickled

Mophometric traits

Body height at withers: 142.24 cm

Temperament: Honest and true

Uses: Riding horse, light draft

Remarks: Very good for long distances at speed. Hardy animal with endurance.


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