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Westfalen Pony, Westphalian Horse

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Country: Germany

Home tract: Developed at the State Stud of Warendorf in Westphalia Germany, they are the pony version of the Westfalen Horse.

Morphological Characters

Body: Similar to the Hanoverian in confirmation

Body coat: Most solid colours

Head: Attractive and a straight or slightly dished profile

Lion: Powerful

Back: Broad, medium-length

Quarters: Strong hindquarters

Tail: High-set

Legs: Short with large pronounced joints, strongly muscled forearms. Hard, well-shaped hooves

Mophometric traits

Body height at withers: Male cm, female cm, 154.43-174.75 cm

Temperament: Even-tempered

Uses: Riding, eventing, show and sport horse


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