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South German Coldblood Horse

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Country: Germany

Home tract: It is a close relative of the Austrian Noriker as they were both initially established in Bavaria and mountainous areas of Austria. The German version later was infused with the blood of Norman, Holstein, Cleveland Bay, Hungarian, Clydesdale & Oldenburg animals. The result was a draft animal was a degree of refinement and quicker, more agile movement.

Morphological Characters

Body coat: Generally chestnut with a flaxen modifier

Head: Medium in size

Eyes: Expressive

Neck: Strong and medium in length

Back: Long and broad

Legs: Strong with good joints. Hooves are hard and strong

Mophometric traits

Body height at withers: 162.56-164.59 cm

Temperament: Good natured

Uses: Improving other breeds; Military; Pack animal; Agriculture and Forestry


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