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Goat Breeds

Ghumusari Goat

Country: India Home Tract: western part of Ganjam district i.e. Bhanjanagar and its adjoining areas of erstwhile Ghumusar tehsil of Orissa. Morphological Characters Body: Intermediate between Black Bengal
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Ganjam Goat

Accession number: INDIA_GOAT_1500_GANJAM_06008 Category: Meat type Country: India Home Tract: Ganjam district in Odisha, Kerala. Widely distributed in south Orissa and adjoining areas of coastal Andhra Pradesh and...
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Gaddi Goat, White Himalayan Goat

Accession number: INDIA_GOAT_0600_GADDI_06007 Category: Meat type Country: India Home Tract: Chamba, Kangra, Kulu, Bilaspur, Kinnanaur and Lahul-Spiti districts in Himachal Pradesh. Also distributed in adjoining hilly areas of...
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Chegu Goat

Accession number: INDIA_GOAT_0600_CHEGU_06006 Category: Pashmina breed Country: India Home Tract: Himachal Pradesh; Uttarkashi, Chamoli and Pithoragarh districts in Uttaranchal mainly the areas bordering Tibet region. Morphological Characters Body: Medium sized...
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Chaugarkha Goat

Category: Meat purpose Country: India Home Tract: Almora district of Uttarakhand state Morphological Characters Body: Small size Body Coat: Coat colour varies from black, fawn and white. Morphometeric characters Body weight: Adult...
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Changthangi Goat, Changluk Goat, Pashmina Goat or Cashmere Goat

Accession number: INDIA_GOAT_0700_CHANGTHANGI_06005 Category: Pashmina breed Country: India Home Tract: Cold, arid region of Ladakh district of Jammu and Kashmir in India at an altitude of 3000 meter...
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Bundelkhandi Goat

Country: India Home Tract: The bundelkhandi goats are named after the Bundelkhand region in central India and encompass Chitrakut, Banda, Jhansi, Jalaun, Hamirpur, Mahoba and Lalitpur...
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Black Bengal Goat, Capra hircus bengalensis

Accession number: INDIA_GOAT_2100_BLACKBENGAL_06004 Category: Meat type Country: India, Bangladesh Home Tract: West Bengal, Jharkhand, Odisha, Bihar and Assam in India and Chittagong district of Bangladesh. Morphological Characters Body: Dwarf breed,...
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Bidri Goat

Category: Dual purpose Country: India Home Tract: Bidar district of Karnataka. Morphological Characters Body Coat: Coloured Morphometeric characters Body weight: at one year 17.38±0.73 kg Production characteristics Milk yield per lactation: 0.4-1.12 kg Reference Verma...
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Berari Goat, Lakhi, Gaorani

Accession number: INDIA_GOAT_1100_ BERARI _06023 Category: Meat type Country: India Home Tract: Vidarbha region of Maharashtra specifically in Kalamana and Bhiwapur Tehsils of Nagpur district. Morphological Characters Body: Medium sized,...
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