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Northern Cape, Lob Eared, Speckled (Skilder) Goats, Indigenous Veld Goat

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Category: Meat

Country: South Africa

Home Tract: The origin of these goat is in the dry Northern Cape, Karoo area, extending from Sutherland to Upington.

Morphological Characters

Body: Medium to large, well muscled.

Body Coat: Whole body is covered with red, red-brown or black spots. The head and legs are almost a solid colour, with a white blaze on the forehead between the horns. They have a dark stripe on top of the back, and on the front of the neck. The lower part of the legs is an almost solid dark pigmented colour. Speckled goats have excellent pigmentation with good colouration on the most vulnerable parts of the body (muzzle, eyes, ears, top of the back, lower legs, front of the neck). Most goats have short glossy hair, and are inclined to grow cashmere in cold winters.

Face: Long, flat or slightly convex, with a slight dip in front of the eyes

Ears: Large and droopy (lob ears)

Horns: Both sexes are horned. Naturally polled animals rarely occur. Toggles are present in some goats.

Beard: Present in males, and a small percentage of females. Male beards tend to be large.


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