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Kaokoland Goat, Kunene Type Goats, Indigenous Veld Goat

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Category: Meat

Country: South Africa

Home Tract: Found in the North-Western areas of Namibia, known as the Kunene Region.

Morphological Characters

Body: Lanky, large

Body Coat: It is a multicoloured breed, with a wide variety of uniform colours, white, black, fawn, brown and red-brown, pied and all combinations of these colours, including speckled combinations. The goats are sometimes covered with hair varying from short straight hair, to long straight hair, and long slightly curly hair. Hair covering of the legs and lower body also varies.

Face: Long narrow faces with a flat to slightly convex profile.

Ears: Large and droopy

Horns: Present in both sexes. A very small percentage of the population is naturally polled. Toggles are rare in both sexes.

Beard: Both sexes, although the occurrence is much lower in females than in males. In females the beard is small, and in males it may vary from small to large.

Legs: Finely boned

Climatic adaptation: Well adapted to the harsh climate of the Kunene Region. They are excellent walkers, adapted to walking the long distances between water points or any available water.


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