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British Alpine Goat

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Category: Milch

Country: United Kingdom, South Africa

Home Tract: Developed from the Toggenburg, native British goats, and Nubian genetics, in Great Britain in the early 1900s.

Morphological Characters

Body: Large, tall, rangy. Males are larger and heavier than the females.

Body Coat: Black with white markings ('Swiss' markings). White facial stripes stretch from above the eyes to the muzzle, while the edges and tips of ears, legs from the hocks and knees downwards, and both sides of the tail are also white. The skin is fine and supple. The female coat is generally short, fine and glossy. The hairs are usually longer and coarser than that of the female, especially on the face, shoulders and hind legs and facial stripes can become indistinct in mature males.

Face: Straight or slightly dished

Udder: Wide and deep, firmly attached to the body over a wide area at both the rear and at the front. Teats should be a comfortable size for hand milking, slightly tapering and pointing downwards.

Production characteristics

Daily milk production: 2.0 kg

Climatic adaptation: They are best suited to temperate climates and perform poorly in regions with high humidity.


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