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Donkey Breeds

American Wild Burro Donkey

Country: South-west of United States of America Home tract: Arizona’s arid lower desert areas and almost all of the rest are in the high desert areas
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American Spotted Donkey

Country: United States of America Morphological Characters Body coat: Range of coat colours, including the typical grey-dun to brown, black, bay and more uncommon colours such as...
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African wild Ass, Equus africanus

Country: Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, Djibouti and Egypt Home tract: The African wild ass (Equus africanus) is the ancestor of the domestic donkey. Mainly the arid...
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Abyssinian Donkey, Ethiopian

Country: Ethiopia Home tract: Throughout Ethiopia Morphological Characters Body coat: Usually slate-gray but are occasionally found in chestnut-brown. Mophometric traits Body height at withers: 86-102 cm References Zorloni A., 2003, “Breeds of...
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Donkey Breeds - M to Z

Return to Livestock Breed Index A to L, M to Z Breed Country Status Majorera Spain Critical Mammoth Jack Stock International Endangered Mannar Sri Lanka No population data available Martina Franca Italy Endangered Maryiskaya Turkmenistan No population data available Masai Africa No population data available Masri Egypt No population data...
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Donkey Breeds - A to L

Return to Livestock Breed Index A to L, M to Z Breed Country Status Abkhazskaya Russian Federation No population data available Abyssinian Ethiopia No population data available Algerian Algeria No population data available Anatolian Turkey No population data available Áne de Provence France No...
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