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Donkey Breeds

Eritrean Donkey

Country: Ethiopia Mophometric traits Body height at withers: 113-115 cm References Wold A.G., Tegegne A. and Yami A., 2004, “Research needs of donkey utilisation in Ethiopia,” Donkeys, People and
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Ellinikon Donkey, Local Greek Ass

Country: Greece Home tract: This type of ass was spread all over Greece. Later other breeds of larger sizes were imported. Today varieties of types in...
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Donkey of Rajasthan

Country: India Home tract: Jhalawar, Baran and Kota (South Eastern Rajasthan) and Sardarsahar, Churu, Rajgarh, Sikar, Hanumangarh and Ratangarh (North Eastern Rajasthan). They are also found...
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Donkey of Denmark

Country: Denmark In Denmark there are no particular pure bred donkeys (except for some Poitou donkeys). Donkeys mainly are kept as hobby animals. Morphological Characters Body: Small Body coat:...
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Domaci Balkanski Magarac Donkey, Domestic Balkan Ass

Country: Serbia, Montenegro Home tract: Mountain regions of Serbia, but also in the coastal regions of Montenegro. Status: Endangered Morphological Characters Body coat: Grey, brown, dark grey, and reddish...
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Dezhou Donkey

Country: China Home tract: Lubei Plain, Shandong Province; Jidong Plain, Hebei Province Morphological Characters Body: Large and high body size, symmery body structure, and firm type Body coat: The...
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Cyprus Donkey, Gaidouri

Country: Cyprus Home tract: There is no recognized breed in Cyprus. However, there are two main strains of donkeys in Cyperus: (1) 80% are brown donkey with...
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Cyprus Ass

Country: Greece Home tract: Probably originated from breeds in South-West France and brought to Greece (or Cyprus?) during the time of the crusades. It is considered...
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Common Donkey of Hungary, Scrub donkey, Equus asinus asinus

Country: Hungary Status: Conservation Morphological Characters Body: Small and medium sized Body coat: Different shade of grey colour with eel-stripe and shoulders (cross) Uses: These animals are used riding, trekking Remarks:...
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Common Albanian Donkey, Commune, Albanian, Gomari

Country: Albania Home tract: Nubia; Donkeys have a long history in Albania, especially in coastal and hilly areas, and are believed to have migrated into the...
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Caucasian Donkey, Kavkazskaya, Transcaucasian, Abkhasian, Kakhetian, Meskhet-Javakhet

Country: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Dagestan Home tract: The mountain ranges of the Caucasus, sandwiched between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, separate Europe from...
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Burro Majorero Donkey, Canary Island, Common Spanish

Country: Spain Home tract: The ancestors of the Burro Majorero originally came from the North West of Africa. It is an autochthonous breed of the Canary...
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Burro de Miranda Donkey, Burro do Planalto Mirandes, Raça asinina de Miranda, Mirandes, Transmontano

Country: Portugal Home tract: North-Eastern Portugal, in the neighbouring area to the Spanish Zamorano-Leones donkey breed. Status: Endangered maintained, keepers are in an average age of 72...
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Burro de Graciosa Donkey, Burro anão da Graciosa, Dwarf Donkey of Graciosa

Country: Portugal Home tract: Azorean Atlantic Archipelago, on the island of Graciosa Status: Critical, conservation Morphological Characters Body: Small sized Body coat: Grayish, often dark on the extremities and all...
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Bulgarian Small Donkey

Country: Bulgaria Home tract: Throughout the country Morphological Characters Body: Small sized Body coat: The coat colour is grey, brownish-grey or very pale grey (almost white), with dark dorsal...
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Bulgarian Giant Donkey, Bulgarian Donkey

Country: Bulgaria Morphological Characters Body: Generally are mixed and of small type like the donkeys in Africa. Also a bigger type like Martina Franca and Cyprus Donkey...
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Beiyang Donkey

Country: China Home tract: Beiyang county, Henan Province Status: Endangered Morphological Characters Body: Medium References Lei C., et al., 2007, “African maternal origin and genetic diversity of Chinese domestic donkeys,” Asian...
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Baudet de Poitou Donkey, Poitou, Ane de Poitevin, Poitevin, Ane du Poitou, French, Poitou-Esel

Country: France Home tract: Originated from North West Africa and appeared in France in the 10thcentury. The origins of the Poitou are a bit vague. It...
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Baroque Donkey, Barockesel, Österreichisch-Ungarischer Albinoesel, Austro-Hungarian Albino

Country: Austria Home tract: Bred by rich estate owners of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the Baroque, as an imitation of the white horses. Status: Critical maintained, conservation Morphological...
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Asno de las Encartaciones Donkey, Las Encartaciones

Country: Spain Home tract: North-western part of Spain (Biskaya up to Cantabria) Status: Conservation Morphological Characters Body coat: The colour is brown and black sometimes dark strips on the...
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