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Donkey Breeds

Sennar Jack

Country: Ethiopia Home tract: Northwestern and central part. The natural habitat of the Sennar donkeys is the Northwestern lowland around Metema. Morphological Characters Body: Large, elegant, and strong Body
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Rokkoko Donkey, Baroque

Country: Hungary Morphological Characters Body: Medium to large sized Body coat: Yellowish-white with a soft, fine fur Skin: Pigmentless pink Eyes: Light blue Legs: The hoofs are waxy and sometimes striped. References Kugler...
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Qingyang Donkey

Country: China Home tract: Qiangyang, Ningxian, Zhengning, Zhenyuan and Heshui County, Qiangyang Prefecture, Gansu Province Morphological Characters Body: Large body size, firm type, square-shaped body conformation, symmetry body...
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Qinghai Donkey

Country: China Home tract: Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Haidong, Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Hainan, Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Haibei, and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of uangnan, Qinghai...
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Puttalam Donkey, Puttalam buruwa

Country: Sri Lanka Home tract: North-West Sri Lanka. Found on Mannar island (in Northern province) and Kalpitiya peninsula in the Puttalam district (in North-west province). Some...
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Primorsko Dinarski Magarac Donkey, Littoral Dinaric, Dalmatinski Magarac

Country: Croatia Home tract: Developed in the area of Dalmatia; distributed in Adriatic coastal area, area of Dinaric mountains. Status: Endangered maintained, conservation Morphological Characters Body: Small sized, compact Body...
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Ponui Donkey, New Zealand donkey

Country: New Zealand Home tract: Ponui Island in Hauraki Gulf, to the east of Auckland. They are descended from three animals imported from Australia in the...
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Peridkaki Donkey

Country: Greece Home tract: Highly restricted distribution in the Perdikaki area, NE of Aetolia-Acarnania, West Greece. Status: Endangered Morphological Characters Body: Small sized Body coat: Grey, with a distinct shoulder...
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Ogaden Donkey

Country: Ethiopia Morphological Characters Body: Tall with heavy bones Mophometric traits Body height at withers: 103 cm References Wold A.G., Tegegne A. and Yami A., 2004, “Research needs of donkey utilisation...
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Nubian Wild Ass, Equus africanus africanus

Country: Ethiopia, Sudan, Eritrea Home tract: The borders of Ethiopia, Sudan and Eritrea, mainly in the Nubian desert (north-east Sudan) from the Nile to the shores...
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North China Donkey

Country: China Home tract: Drainage area of Yellow River, Huai River and Hai River Morphological Characters Body: Compact body structure, fine head, four slim and dryness legs. They...
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Mongolia Donkey

Country: China Home tract: Kulun county, Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region Morphological Characters Body: Small sized References Lei C., et al., 2007, “African maternal origin and genetic diversity of Chinese domestic...
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Miyang Donkey

Country: China Home tract: Miyang City, Tanghe, Sheqi, Fangcheng , Suiping, Yexian, Xiangxian and Wuyang County, Henan Province Morphological Characters Body: Medium body size, firm type, and square-shped...
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Miniature Donkey, Miniature Mediterranean, Mediterranean Miniature, Sicilian, Sardinian

Country: United States of America Home tract: Mediterranean islands of Sicily and Sardinia. There are two types of populations according to their ancestry, which has no...
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Merzifon Donkey, Marsovan

Country: Spain Home tract: Amasya Province in the central Black Sea region Status: Endangered References European Agrobiodiversity, 2012, “Breeds and Occurrence in Europe,” [Web Reference] Kugler W., Grunenfelder H.P. and...
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Mary Donkey, Maryiskaya, Merv

Country: Turkmenia, USSR Home tract: Mary and Ashkhabad regions of Turkmenia. Their origin and economic features are similar to the Iranian Hamadan whose descendants can also...
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Mammoth Jack Stock Donkey, American Mammoth Jack Stock, Kentucky

Country: United States of America Home tract: The breed was developed in the United States through the cross-breeding of imported large European breeds (predominantly from Spain),...
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Macedonian Donkey

Country: Macedonia Remarks: Up to now no information is available about breeds or numbers of animals in Macedonia. Like in all Balkan countries the Domestic Balkan...
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Linxian Donkey

Country: China Home tract: Linxian County, Shanxi Province. Morphological Characters Body: Medium body sized, firm body shape; massy constitution; symmetric body structure. Body coat: Black is the most common...
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Liangzhou Donkey

Country: China Home tract: Wuwei Prefecture, and Hexi Prefecture, Gansu Province. Morphological Characters Body coat: Black, gray are the most common colours. Most of them have back stripe,...
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