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Sjeverno-Jadranski Magarac Donkey, North Adriatic, Kvarner

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Status: Endangered

Country: Croatia

Home tract: Kvarner islands, the northern Adriatic coastal area and in the eastern part of the Istrian peninsula.

Morphological Characters

Body: Medium sized

Body coat: Colour varies from brown to black, cross and stripes are not always expressive and clearly discernible. Strong and short mane

Head: Fine head with a straight profile

Neck: Strong and short mane

Legs: Firm and strong tibia

Mophometric traits

Body weight: Male 170 kg, female 150 kg

Body height at withers: Male 116 cm, female 112 cm

Remarks: Body size is suitable for the climate of Kvarner islands; resistance, endurance and longevity. Utilized for draught power, riding, driving, mule production, hobby animals and tourist attraction.


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