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Yunnan Donkey, South-west donkey

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Country: China

Home tract: Xiangyun, Bin chuan, Midu, Yi-hue Autonomous County of Welshman, Monishing and Yuanmou County, Yunnan Province

Morphological Characters

Body: Firm type, head wide, small body size

Body coat: Black, gray, pinto is the most common colours

Mophometric traits

Body length: Male 92.2 cm, female 93.7 cm

Body height at withers: Male 93.6 cm, female 92.5 cm

Breast circumference: Male 104.3 cm, female 107.8 cm

Cannon circumference: Male 12.2 cm, female 12.0 cm

Reproductive traits

Age at sexual maturity: male 1.5-2 years, female and 2.0-3.5 years

Lactation numbers in three years: 2

The best reproductive ability is in 5-15 years old.

Production traits

They are mainly used to carry and draft.

Speed: 30km/day carrying with 50-70 kg.

Carrying capacity: 400-500 kg.

Dressing percentage: 48.6%; fine flesh; flavor is fresh.


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