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Xinjiang Donkey, Kashi donkey, Kuce donkey, Tulufan donkey

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Country: China

Home tract: Keshen, Hotan, Aksu, Turpan and Hami Prefecture, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

Morphological Characters

Body: Small body size, symmetry body structure, short and strong four legs

Body coat: Black, bay is the most common colours

Mophometric traits

Body length: Male 105.5-121 cm, female 102.5-124.5 cm

Body height at withers: Male 102.2-119.5 cm, female 99.8-119 cm

Breast circumference: Male 109.7-129.0 cm, female 108.3-135.0 cm

Cannon circumference: Male 13.3-16.8 cm, female 12.8-16.5 cm

Reproductive traits

Mating age: female 2 years, male 2-3 years

Conception rate: 90%

Production traits

Carrying capacity: 560-700kg.

Packing ability power for short distance: 150kg.

They are also used to ride and drag.

Speed: 4m and 8s per 1 km carrying with 150-160kg


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