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Vanaraja Chicken

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Class: Asiatic

Country: India

Home Tract: Vanraja is a crossbred breed of chicken in India. Vanaraja male line is a red coloured meat type breed and was developed from a strain (IC-3) of Red Cornish breed.

Vanaraja female line has been developed from a coloured synthetic broiler control and is being selected for egg production to 40 weeks of age for the last eight generations.

Morphological characters

Morphometric traits

Body weight: Cock 2.44-2.80 kg, hen 1.76 kg

Reproductive Traits

Age at first egg: 164-178 days

Fertility rate: 90-95%

Hatchability on total egg production: 82-87%

Broodiness: Broodiness is absent in Vanaraja, however. Vanaraja chicks can be hatched out from fertile eggs from Vanaraja bird by brooding the eggs with Desi hen.

Production traits

Egg shell colour: Tinted

Annual egg production (numbers): 150-171

Weight of an egg: 51 grams

Dressing percentage: 72%

Food conversion ratio: 2.62

Rearing system: They can thrive well under backyard system of management.

Utility: These are used both for meat as well as egg production.


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