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Zhuxiang Chicken, Township

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Country: China

Home Tract: Chishui City, Guizhou Province, central area of ​​Chishui City rooftop, revival, Wang Lung, Guandu, long-term, Changsha and other towns, located in the Chishui gourd present, Yuan thick and other towns.

Morphological characters

Body: Medium sized, deep

Body Plumage: Loosen plumage; Majority of surface colour is black, yellow take second place. Minority is yellow, black and gray

Skin colour: Black for some chicken

Combs: Single, flat on the top.

Ear lobe colour: Purple-black

Eyes: Saffron Iris. Brown or black Iris for some

Beak: Major colour is black

Chest/Breast: Broad

Limbs/Shanks: Major colour is black

Feet: Gray

Morphometric traits

Body weight: Birth weight is 35 gm, Cock 2.3 kg, hen 2.1 kg

Reproductive Traits

Age at first egg: 6-7 month

Production traits

Egg shell colour: Sandy beige

Annual egg production (numbers): 100-150

Weight of an egg: 47.9 grams

Egg shape index: 1.3

Half evisceration rate: Male 80.2%, female 82.6%

Remarks: Black muscles for some chicken. They are heat tolerant, good egg quality, fat storage ability and other characteristics of fresh meat, producing masses is a favorite local varieties, which can be used for medicinal silky, high economic value. Breeding system should be strengthened in the future to improve its performance.


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